Sepp Blatter Claims Qatar World Cup Is A ‘MISTAKE’ And Reveals Who Should Have Hosted 2022 Tournament

SEPP Blatter has blamed friend-turned-foe Michel Platini for the “mistake” of awarding Qatar this month’s World Cup.

Blatter, 86, now in disgrace, was FIFA president at the time of the 2010 double vote for the 2018 and 2022 hosts.


The 80,000 capacity Lusail Iconic Stadium will host the World Cup final on December 18.Credit: Getty
Qatar 2022 organizers have come under fire for their treatment of workers preparing for the World Cup


Qatar 2022 organizers have come under fire for their treatment of workers preparing for the World CupCredit: John Beck – Commissioned by The Sunday Times

Blatter made no secret of his claims that he initially voted for Australia before switching to the United States for the 2022 runoff election, as part of his ambition to give back-to-back hosting rights to the three great powers of Russia, the United States and China. .

And now, in an interview in his homeland, Swiss mediator Blatter, ousted after FBI raids on FIFA in 2015, has squarely blamed former UEFA boss and one-time protégé Platini.

Blatter said: “The election of Qatar was a mistake.

“At that time, we actually agreed in the Executive Committee that Russia should have the 2018 World Cup and the United States should have the 2022 World Cup.

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“It would have been a gesture of peace if the two former political opponents had organized the World Cup one after the other.

“But a week before the 2010 FIFA Congress, Michel Platini called me and told me that our plan would no longer work.

“He told me that he had been invited to the Elysee Palace, where the then French president Sarkozy had just had lunch with the crown prince of Qatar.

“Sarkozy told Platini: ‘See what you and your Uefa colleagues can do for Qatar when the World Cup is awarded.’


“So I asked him: ‘And now?’ and he said to me: ‘Sepp, what would you do if your president asked you for something?’

“So I couldn’t count on Platini anymore. It turned out exactly like this: thanks to the four votes of Platini and his people, the World Cup went to Qatar instead of the United States. That’s the truth.”

Blatter, barely hiding his anger at the then 22-man committee’s decision, added: “Qatar is too small a country.

“Football and the World Cup are too big for that. The choice was bad.”

Blatter also criticized his successor at FIFA, Gianni Infantino, who raised sticks from the bottom of the world organization to move his family to Doha.

He said: “What I wonder: why does the new FIFA president live in Qatar?

“He cannot be the head of the local organization of the World Cup. That is not his job.

“The FIFA president should have the final oversight.

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“For example, there is a proposal to create a fund for deceased workers and the bereaved.

“Qatar says no. What should FIFA say if its president is in the same boat as Qatar?

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