Will Alfa Romeo join forces with Haas in F1 2024? | F1

Alfa Romeo has already announced that its agreement with Sauber is coming to an end in 2023, paving the way for Audi’s full takeover of the team in the following years.

However, the Alfa Romeo name could stick around beyond next year, according to renowned journalist Dieter Rencken.

According to his report, Alfa Romeo wants to stay in F1, and Haas could be the perfect fit for the Italian brand.

Haas recently acquired a new title sponsor in the form of Moneygram, worth $20 million per year.

With Moneygram’s color scheme matching Alfa Romeo’s (red, white and black colors), it certainly makes some sense.

Haas’ new sponsorship deal is important for the American team as it allows them to move towards F1’s cost cap for the first time.

They are on course to achieve their best constructors’ championship finish in several years, taking eighth place overall with two rounds remaining.

Haas’ complicated history with sponsors

Haas was forced to drop Russian sponsor Uralkali ahead of the 2022 season.

The company was co-owned by Nikita Mazepin’s father, Dmitry Mazepin.

Haas opted to cut ties with Uralkali and its driver Mazepin due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Under weirder circumstances, Rich Energy were his sponsors in 2019.

Voice on social media, CEO William Storey had big ambitions for Haas and his energy drink company, wanting to take on Red Bull.

The partnership ultimately ended at the 2019 British Grand Prix after Rich Energy grew frustrated with Haas’ competitiveness.

Although, there has always been a degree of uncertainty and mystery behind the legitimacy of Rich Energy’s finances and business as a whole.

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