Hopeful or Hopeful Fool: Which Side of the Pakistan Fandom Divide Are You On? – Sport

On match day, one group of fans would openly dream of Pakistan’s victory and say so, while the other would be pessimistic about the team’s chances.

It’s game day. Not just any party but the mother of all parties. And that’s all the hype this piece will attempt to create. Because if a World Cup semi-final that nearly sent Pakistan’s Supreme Court closing shop doesn’t stir the weary soul in you, we don’t know if anything ever will.

The script got even better when a public holiday was announced, a decision that we’re sure was well received by the public, something that can’t be said with most other government decisions these days.

So the equation as it stands is that on a Wednesday similar to a Sunday, our beloved Pakistan cricket team takes on a team they often beat (4-2 lead) in world cups, with the potential reward of a winner-takes-all final against India. .

Wipe off that slime.

But before we rush into it, let’s re-evaluate the matter at hand. While cricketers will do what cricketers usually do, fans have a choice as well. Either you dream, stand back and brag, or stay conservative, modest and expect the worst to cushion the blow if it comes. Both schools of thought are explained below:

Hopeful because YOLO

A popular but somewhat inaccurate opinion is that the Pakistani cricket team often disappoints, especially in major tournaments. We say that this is incorrect because on average Pakistan wins a major tournament every decade. They won an Over-50 World Cup in 1992, a T20 World Cup in 2009 and a Champions Trophy in 2017.

If the past is an accurate barometer, then Pakistan would also gain something big this decade. They missed their chance last year and have another chance this week. A major trophy of the 2020s is in store and what better place to deliver it than Australia, the very place where the first major trophy was captured.

Then there is the angle of history repeating itself.

A World Cup Down Under, a world-class tall pacemaker with his left arm leading the attack, a painful loss to start the tournament, a loss to India when all seemed lost, a big lucky break at the expense of South Africa, a clash with New Zealand in the semi-finals and final against England… at the MCG.

The last time this happened was in the year 1992 and Pakistan ended up being world champions for the first time. The story of 2022 has followed the pattern. It hasn’t failed yet and is now just a couple of steps away from fully replicating it.

Also, as explained above, Pakistan has an excellent record in the T20 World Cups against New Zealand. They have won four and lost only two. Even in their most recent World Cup clash, which was at the 50+ tournament in 2019, the Greenshirts beat the Kiwis in style. What does it say then that they can’t win again?

Stay grounded because it’s Pakistan

Since there is no better feeling in sports than claiming victory and then seeing the result exactly like that, it should be noted that we are talking about the Pakistani cricket team.

Conventional wisdom, the accepted rules of the world, the laws of physics, and every structured form of anything fails them. You expect them to win, they lose, you expect them to go left, they go right, you expect them to go out, they make it to the semis.

When you’re in a relationship with such an unpredictable lover, it’s best to keep your hopes down. So the best advice for the fans will be to cross your fingers, hope for the worst, secretly hope for the best, but never say it out loud until the game is over, the bail bonds are out, the players are back in the locker room. and the ball is locked in the briefcase, and the briefcase is locked.

That is so that Pakistan, at its worst, can find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, just as it did against India (it failed to defend 27 runs from 8 balls), and just as it did against Zimbabwe. (couldn’t chase just 130). It’s never over until it’s really over with this group.

Knowing that, make your choice wisely:


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