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It may not surprise you to hear this, but former Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has an impressive collection of historic Grand Prix cars. He has 26, in fact, including the McLaren M23 in which James Hunt won his world championship title, a Vanwall Ferrari ‘Thinwall Special’, a BRM V16, one of four surviving Bugatti Type 54s, the Ferrari F2002 in which Michael Schumacher won his fifth title in and, most notably, two of the legendary pre-war Silver Arrows Grand Prix cars; a 1937 Auto Union Type C and a 1937 Mercedes-Benz W125.

Fun racing fact: With over 700hp, the W125 was the most powerful Grand Prix car ever built for nearly 50 years, until the arrival of the turbocharged monsters of F1 in the mid-1980s before it was superseded in muscles.

Long story short; Bernie has a lot of cool cars and recently collaborated with ‘luxury publisher’ Opus (meaning they publish fancy exciting expensive coffee table books) to showcase his collection in, you guessed it, a luxurious exciting coffee table book. expensive coffee. .

To create the book, Ecclestone’s cars (and several legendary F1 drivers) were photographed using a giant 20×24-inch Polaroid camera that was originally built to photograph oil paintings and tapestries. Polaroid only built six between 1976 and 1978, and only five remain today.

Of course, the book was very expensive – the standard ‘Paddock Edition’ was NZ$6,500 and the customizable ‘Grand Prix Edition’ starting at US$17,500 – but now Opus has partnered with New Zealand-based studio Glorious Digital Zealand to offer both a more affordable and fantastically more expensive way to get a piece of the extraordinary collection, by making the photographs available in the form of a digital non-fungible token (NFT).

The ‘most affordable’ way is the ‘Grand Prix Trilogy’ collection consisting of 2,600 NFTs created from the original Polaroid photographs. Each NFT will feature three of the cars in the collection and will sell for £500 (NZ$970).

The fantastically most expensive way is the ‘Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection’ which is limited to just 26 NFTs, each containing one of the cars as well as the original Polaroid used to create the NFT and an authenticated copy of it as well as a copy from the book Opus.

But that’s not all, because if you’re one of the lucky buyers (well, fantastically rich), you’ll also get an invitation to visit Ecclestone’s private race track (because, of course, he has one) for a tour of the 26 cars. and yes, you will be allowed to look under the hood and even get on them. As long as it can fit, of course.

You’ll also get trackside seats to watch the cars get bumped around the track followed by lunch for you and 12 of your closest friends, hosted by Bernie himself, allowing you to finally answer that nagging question: exactly what? speak to a 92-year-old billionaire over lunch?

How much will this experience cost you? Well, that remains to be seen, as the 26 NFTs from the ‘Ecclestone Grand Prix Collection’ will be auctioned between 1St. and 7the December and you will no doubt be going for frankly ridiculous amounts of money.

If you have a lazy little fortune and are thinking of bidding, you can learn more and sign up for updates on the Glorious Digital website, while the 2600 NFT ‘Grand Prix Trilogy’ will go on sale on the website between 17the and November 30.

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