Roger Federer was part of the ‘very tense’ fight with Stan Wawrinka days before winning the Davis Cup | Tennis | Sport

“But once again, at some point, when you get caught up in emotion, in things that are not necessarily your fault, you have to know how to distance yourself,” he explained. “Don’t forget everything we’ve been through together, let the night go by and the next day, let’s not see each other and then just discuss it.

“We had to remember that we had a Davis Cup to win. I was not going to let a small argument, which turned into a big one due to emotions, interrupt this victory.” But the pair reconciled on the train to Lille for the Davis Cup and managed to win their first men’s tennis World Cup title together.

The pair have remained “brothers” ever since and Wawrinka admitted he shed a tear when Federer’s career came to an end at the Laver Cup, despite not being there with fellow rivals Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. in the emotional moment. The current world number 150 said: “I cried for Roger. It was hard, a strong feeling. Even talking about it is difficult. When I came on tour, he was already there. He was like an older brother to me, a friend.”

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