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Beth Mead has defended herself against comments attributed to her in an interview with The Guardian in which she is quoted as saying that the lack of diversity in the England women’s team was “a coincidence”.

Speaking after Friday night’s 4-0 friendly win over Japan in Spain, Mead said Sky sports news that the article was “unfair” and not a “true reflection” of herself.

She said, “It was hard for me to accept, it was unfair how it was written. My values ​​and beliefs are completely different than what was written and it’s not a true reflection of me as a person.”

“In terms of diversity in the game, I want to be front and center and help with that. I know the FA is doing a lot for that. I actually said that in the interview but that didn’t come across. the interview, so unfortunately it made me look worse in that context.

Mead was named the Euro 2022 Women’s Player of the Tournament

“Unfortunately, these things can happen in the media these days, but it’s not a true reflection of me. I hope people understand. Sometimes, don’t believe everything you read.”

When asked what the fallout has been since the article was published, he replied, “I guess it’s brought the issue up even more. I know it’s not great the way it happened, but I hope it can help push it on.” the right direction”.

“There’s a long, long way to go, but the FA is doing a lot and people need to be involved in that and try to help that process as best we can, myself and the team included.”

Wiegman calls for more diversity in football

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England head coach Sarina Wiegman says she would love to see more diversity in the game and believes the FA is taking steps to address this issue.

Speaking ahead of the win over Japan, England Women’s coach Sarina Wiegman said more needs to be done to increase diversity in football, and she believes the Football Association is tackling the issue.

The FA’s second annual report on the Diversity Code of Football Leadership showed that English clubs are falling short of some of their promised targets, while only three of the 23 members of Wiegman’s Euro 2022 winning team were black, Asian or of mixed descent.

The level of representation of ethnic minorities in the Women’s Super League and the England women’s team has been a topic of considerable conversation in recent years.

asked by Anton Toloui of Sky Sports If there is a diversity problem in English football, Wiegman said: “That’s a good question. I would love to see more black players in the team, I think that’s what you’re pointing to.”

“With the first team, I pick the best players, who are the best to perform, but I think we need to do more and we are doing more. The FA is doing more to give access to anyone who wants to play football.”

“We know that the team has shared this letter to girls in football that all girls have access to football, that also counts for all boys, regardless of the color of skin you have, they need to have access to football, in England, in Europe, in the world”. We really have to work on that.”

The England team celebrates victory at Euro 2022
Only three of the 23 members of England’s Euro 2022 winning squad were of black, Asian or mixed descent.

The FA announced plans in May to grow the existing talent program for the women’s game, providing a broader and more diverse talent pool, with the number of players due to double by the end of 2023-24.

There will be a wider national network of what will be called Emerging Talent Centers for girls aged 8-16, with funding provided by the Premier League. That announcement followed the launch last year of the ‘Discover My Talent’ project.

Wiegman believes his inspirational squad can continue to drive change with them set to speak to the Government later this month.

“The players have a voice,” he said. “It starts with acting, when you keep acting, you will be visible and then you will have a voice.

“We have so many powerful players and personalities on our team, and they’re using their voice to address these things. These little girls and boys watch them play football and think, ‘I can do that too.’ It’s really nice to be a part of.”

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