‘Imagine tweeting 86,000 times’: Opelka engages in online battle with tennis journalist, Nick Kyrgios tweets his approval

Reilly Opelka was involved in a war of words with tennis journalist David Law on social media on Tuesday night, thanks to his controversial opinion on the vote.

Amidst many tennis players urging their fans to come out and vote in the US midterm elections, Opelka took the opposite direction, criticizing the mix of tennis and politics.

Ironically mocking celebrities sharing messages to their followers telling them to vote, the American opined that politics and ideology should not enter tennis. In addition to adding that he did not have an ideology, the 25-year-old stated that forcing others to subscribe to one’s morality was not right.

Tennis fans on Twitter were quick to respond, calling Opelka “an embarrassment” for his apolitical stance and berating him for his unnecessarily edgy shots. Among them was also tennis journalist David Law, who mocked the American in the same vein, tweeting:

“Imagine tweeting ‘Imagine telling people to go vote,'” Law tweeted.

Opelka responded with an ad hominem attack, pointing out that Law spends too much time on Twitter, implying in the process that somehow his arguments meant less as a result.

“Imagine tweeting 86 thousand times. The guy already lives in the metaverse,” Opelka tweeted.

This is where Reilly Opelka got help from an unlikely ally, Australian Nick Kyrgios. Kyrgios, who hadn’t reacted to anything about the situation up to that point, jumped on board after seeing the comments against Law, responding with a series of laugh-out-loud emojis to show his amusement and approval.

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