Fans walk away from ODI series as Cricket World Cup hero Moeen Ali laments his hectic schedule

“It’s been going on for a while. When we won in 2019, we had the Ashes two weeks later and a test match against Ireland three days after winning,” Moeen said.

“Those kinds of things are a disgrace. As a group, we want to enjoy and celebrate and have that because you guys put a lot into it too. It’s not just while the tournament is going on, it’s before the tournament, your preparation and all that.

“Having a game in three days is horrible, but it’s better than two days if it doesn’t rain.

“As players, we are used to it now, jumping and jumping, but giving 100 percent all the time is difficult when you play every two or three days.

Moen Ali. Credit:access point

Playing the matches now is convenient, given that the England team is already here from the T20 World Cup.

“We have to do it. As long as we’re here, we can do it too,” Moeen said Sunday night moments after England added the T20 crown to their 2019 World Cup victory. another moment.

“We don’t want to think about that right now, but we’re up for the challenge when it comes.”

Australian star Glenn Maxwell made similar notes about the packed schedule after the host nation’s early departure, saying there was no time to dwell on results as there was always another series or tournament on the horizon. Maxwell’s comments were interpreted by some to mean that he didn’t care, even though he spoke at length about his disappointment in the same interview.

Cummins said last year that cricket was different from other major sports in Australia because of its timetable.

“You see people win premierships in the AFL or NRL, and they go on a two-week bender,” Cummins said. “Whereas in cricket you come to the end of a Test series and everyone is ready to go home and sleep for a few days.”

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