Dramatic footage shows a ‘runaway’ Tesla crashing into traffic and cyclists

Tesla has been caught up in a security queue in China after two people were killed and three injured when a driver allegedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into oncoming traffic.

The accident involved a Tesla Model Y and reportedly began when the driver was attempting to park the vehicle, but then began rapidly accelerating to a speed of 123 mph, striking other vehicles and a bicyclist before crashing into a wall.

The 55-year-old driver of the vehicle claimed that the car’s brakes were not working, local media reported.

Video of the accident, which took place on November 5 in Chaozhou in southern China’s Guangdong province, was widely shared on social media.

Police rule out alcohol or drugs

Traffic police ruled out the possibility that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and said the vehicle would be examined.

Tesla said on Sunday that video showed the car’s brake lights were not on when accelerating and that telemetry data showed there was no attempt to hit the brakes during the vehicle’s two-kilometer drive.

The company said it will “actively provide any necessary assistance” to the local police investigation, which may involve an outside investigator.

The driver, who claimed to have more than 20 years of driving experience, told local media on Monday that he never stepped on the accelerator but that the car suddenly accelerated after he pressed the handbrake.

‘Not an isolated case’ of ‘brake problem’

China is Tesla’s second-largest market, and the accident was among the top topics on Chinese social media on Monday, with many users expressing doubts about the safety of the company’s electric vehicles.

“This is not an isolated case of Tesla’s brake problem,” one user wrote.

Many accidents related to unintentional acceleration of Tesla have been reported in China and other parts of the world in the last two years.

Auto experts have pointed out that Tesla’s one-pedal driving feature, which allows drivers to control their cars using throttle to accelerate and regenerative braking to slow down, can confuse the driver.

Other users criticized Tesla’s handling of allegations of brake failure.

“Every time [Tesla] He said that the record showed no problem and then he left it: is this the attitude that a company should have? Wrote another user.

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