John Carew: Former Aston Villa striker jailed for 14 MONTHS for tax evasion

BREAKING: Former Aston Villa and Norway striker John Carew jailed for 14 MONTHS for tax evasion after inadvertently failing to disclose his overseas income and assets to Norwegian authorities

  • John Carew will spend more than a year in prison after failing to pay taxes
  • Former Aston Villa leader says he did not intend to avoid disclosing assets
  • Carew was also heavily fined £45,353 (540,000 NOK) for tax fraud.

Former Aston Villa footballer John Carew is being jailed for 14 months on tax evasion offences, after inadvertently failing to disclose his income in Oslo District Court.

The former striker was also hit with a hefty fine of £45,353 (NOK 540,000) for tax fraud totaling £456,264 (NOK 5.4 million) in his home country of Norway.

Carew’s sentence could have been doubled if the court were to find that the former Premier League star acted intentionally to avoid paying his taxes.

The Norwegian had previously pleaded guilty to fraud charges brought by the Norwegian tax authority, and defense lawyer Berit Reiss-Andersen insisted that this case should have been handled as a confession case, given the way he confessed to tax evasion. and maintained that he had not committed fraud on purpose.

Carew’s attorney also believes the ruling should be considered a victory.

“This shows that John Carew is believed in all respects,” Berit Reiss-Andersen said in a statement, via Norwegian news channel e24. The court concluded that he acted with gross negligence, but not with intent. We have stated this all along, and Carew has made it clear that he wanted to make amends.

The 43-year-old spent more than 15 years as a professional footballer, but only three and a half of those were spent in his home country.

As such, the vast majority of his earnings have been earned abroad, having scored for teams like Valencia, Roma, Lyon and Besiktas.

However, the now-retired striker is perhaps best known for his time in the Premier League, playing for Aston Villa for four years, West Ham for one, and spending half a season on loan at Stoke.

Additionally, Carew represented his nation 91 times, scored 24 times, and received the Norwegian Footballer of the Year award three times between 2005 and 2008.

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John Carew, former Aston Villa and Norway striker, will be jailed for tax evasion

The former striker was also hit with a hefty fine of £45,353 (540,000 NOK) for tax fraud.

The former striker was also heavily fined £45,353 (NOK 540,000) for tax fraud.


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