India will host Australia in the biggest cricket stadium

Nagpur, expected to be the other venue, was the site of Australia’s drought-breaking series victory in 2004, albeit on the old cricket ground in the city centre. In 2008, Jason Krejza took 12 wickets on his debut in an Australian defeat at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium.

The vagaries of Indian cricket politics have ensured that Australia has gone quite some time without playing test matches at numerous major venues. The last test between Australia and India at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens was in 2001, the last at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai in 2004.

A large crowd attending the Namaste Trump event at Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad in 2020.Credit:access point

George Bailey, the team chairman, has already pointed out that Australia will bring a great team to India to take into account conditions that will not only be different from local conditions, but can also vary from place to place and, as once, depending on the results of previous Trials in the series.

“I would imagine the test tour to India may go by a few different names to what the team does over the summer,” Bailey said. “Just because the conditions we expect to face are all likely to be very different again.

“You’d probably take a slightly bigger team anyway – I don’t think we’d be taking a skinny team there, plus it’s at the back of a summer and there’s a reasonable amount of cricket that would have been played by then.”

Glenn Maxwell’s hopes of making the tour have been hit by a broken leg he sustained in a freak accident at a friend’s 50th birthday party over the weekend.

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