Palmeiras rejects PSG’s £40m offer for Endrick

Has started. The draw for the hand of young Endrick has begun in earnest, with PSG making the first big move and trying to beat the likes of Real Madrid and Chelsea. But PSG’s offer, reported at £40m, was turned down by Palmeiras, who would no doubt be rather foolish to accept the initial offer in what is expected to be an all-out bidding war for the 16-year-old’s services.

Endrick’s father, Douglas Ramos, did not confirm the amount of the offer in a recent interview, but did confirm that PSG left empty-handed after initial talks.

“There are clubs from various countries that are interested, but the only one that has sat down with Palmeiras has been PSG. They talked, they made proposals, but Palmeiras refused. They saw that Endrick could still give Palmeiras a lot.”

-Douglas Ramos, Canal do Nicola via Evening Standard

Endrick played only a small part in Palmeiras’ title-winning campaign in Brazil this season – 7 appearances, 3 starts, 3 goals – but he is certainly expected to play a bigger role over the next two years before he turns 18 and can move. to Europe. Of course, he’ll probably agree a transfer and pre-contract with some team well before then, with possible transfer fees of up to £60m.

Chelsea are still ready to be at the center of this race (or so they say). PSG may have made the first move, but it’s a question of who makes the last.

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