‘Carlos Alcaraz is one of those players who is prepared for…’, says expert

Carlos Alcaraz is having the best year of his very young career and has a good chance of ending the season at the top of the ATP ranking. In 2022, the young Spaniard has won the US Open, two Masters 1000 (Miami and Madrid) and two ATP 500 (Rio and Barcelona).

By winning his first Slam this summer, the 19-year-old from Murcia became the youngest No. 1 in men’s tennis history. Many connoisseurs already identify him as the future dominator of the ATP circuit. Juan Carlos Ferrero’s protégé has had trouble handling pressure on a few occasions, but that’s completely normal for a kid his age.

‘Carlitos’ suffered an abdominal injury during the Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy, a setback that was not necessary on the eve of the ATP Finals. The Iberian will undergo some tests in the coming days, hoping to appear in Turin in good condition.

To calm the tension, he was asked at the press conference what is the meaning of his strange jubilation after each victory. “It’s not a secret! I do the glasses gesture because I have a group of friends called Team Lupas.

That’s where that joy comes from,” Alcaraz revealed. Carlos is learning to handle the pressure: “Since 2019 I’ve been working with a psychologist. He has been very useful for my career, I have learned a lot from him.

I’ve matured thanks to the experiences I’ve had, but without him it would have been impossible to remain stable at 19 and play in the most important stadiums in the world.” The Spaniard has been formidable this year: “I always dreamed of becoming number 1, but I never imagined that I could do it at 19 years old.

Now the rivals have a different attitude when they play against me, but that’s normal.

Carlos Alcaraz shone this year

Former American tennis player Jim Courier recently reflected on Carlos Alcaraz ending the year as No.

1 in the ATP ranking. “I wouldn’t say there’s a huge difference between No. 1 and No. 4 insofar as they have a target, everyone in that ranking class will have a target on the back of every match they play it’s a chance that someone to make a name for themselves if they haven’t already,” he said.

“And he had a team since he was 15 years old that he has been working with, that has been building him for these moments. I’m sure they’ve arrived sooner than everyone expected, but getting there, I don’t think so. It was an unexpected result for them and what probably served them well is that they know how to move through a new landscape on the court,” he said.

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