World Cup 2022: Mexico vs. Argentina: three days before the game, the war began, but with a fight between fans

youthe match between Mexico Y Argentina It will be decisive for the aspirations of both teams, particularly for the South Americans, since a defeat would leave them out of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. And with three days to go before the game, nervousness is already felt at the tournament venue, but with the fans, because that day they were the protagonists of a brawl.

How did the fight between Mexican and Argentine fans take place?

Fans of both teams had a violent encounter on the way to a game that will be difficult for the players. According to a video circulating on social networks, fans of both teams fought. Although there is no official report, it is mentioned that some people were injured.

Fan violence at the World Cup: Mexican and Argentine fans clash in Qatar-sg

There is also no report on the presence of authorities from the country hosting the World Cup and they are not seen in the video, but the situation seems complicated, especially since there are three days left before the match takes place at the stadium. Lusail Stadiumwhere 80,000 fans are expected, eager for emotion and to see their team win and get closer to the round of 16.

The blows, kicks and insults are a constant in the video that circulates on social networks, under the gaze of dozens of viewers who only record the moment; the Mexicans insulting and pronouncing the name of Lionel Messi. The Argentines prefer to continue on their way after the violent encounter, while some Tricolor fans continue to provoke them.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino says the West is not in a position to “give moral lessons” to Qatar

Mexico and Argentina, a match that South Americans cannot miss

Mexico will come to this match after a good performance against Polandmatch that ended in a goalless draw, but where guillermo ochoa saved a penalty kick; Argentina, for its part, comes after a surprise 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabiawhich puts their participation in the World Cup at risk, since a defeat this weekend could leave them out of the tournament.

On the other hand, fifa opened an investigation against femexfut due to alleged discriminatory chants from their fans against Poland, which will surely be repeated and in greater numbers due to the rivalry with Argentina, for which reason Mexico could be sanctioned during that match but off the field.

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