Nikita Mazepin makes a startling claim about the return of F1

Haas’s budget forced them to look for two rookie drivers who could bring income to the team in 2021, ultimately settling on Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

The American team provided their drivers with handily the slowest car on the grid that year, as they finished last in the championship, with their drivers only able to compete against each other.

Initially it looked as though Mazepin would remain with the team for 2022 under Schumacher, however after the Russian invasion of Ukraine forced Haas to cut ties with Uralkali, a company owned by Mazepin’s father, they also opted to replace the Russian with the more experienced Kevin Magnussen.

The Russian fell short of F1 standards during his time in the sport, gaining an unwelcome reputation for spinning the car and running out of races, meaning that without the finances provided by his father, Mazepin was unlikely to sustain his seat by merit. only.

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Speaking recently about his plans for 2023, Mazepin said he will be racing outside of F1 as he continues his campaign to help fellow racers who have been exiled from sports organizations for political reasons.

“I think I have a certain social mission that I am engaged in, and it gives me great pleasure,” he said.

“Next year I will also compete for myself in a new discipline outside of our country, but so far there are no signatures. So I can’t talk to you about that.”

The 23-year-old has said he is not giving up on his return to F1 just yet after opening up in a recent Instagram post about his experience after Formula 1.

“There is a desire, of course, to continue competing in motorsport,” Mazepin said.

“My goal is to return to Formula 1, so that is the direction in which I will work.”

Since leaving F1, Mazepin has tried his hand at rally driving with great success, winning his debut at the Russian Silk Way rally.

“I did that for pleasure and luckily the pleasure led me to victory,” he explained.

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“But I don’t see myself as a professional rally driver.”

The Russian gave some advice to those drivers who recently left Formula 1 after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, saying it can be a difficult road to accept leaving the sport.

It has not yet been announced where Mazepin will race next year, but if he wants to return to an FIA-regulated series, he will have to run under a neutral flag after Russian drivers were banned.

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