Rafael Nadal: ‘It’s a gift’

Rafael Nadal will end the season in second place, winning two major titles in 2022 and writing history books. At 36, Nadal is the oldest player in the year-end top 2, surpassing Roger Federer and feeling a hunger for more in years to come.

Nadal has been among the best players in the world since 2005, reaching the top 10 in April of that year and staying there ever since with a record that will take some beating! The Spaniard secured his first Major crown a few days after his 19th birthday and added four Masters 1000 titles to his name to finish the season behind Roger Federer.

Rafa has always been looking for improvements, adding new elements to his game and extending his career despite numerous setbacks and injuries. The Spaniard became more aggressive five years ago, eager to cut points and preserve his body.

Nadal skipped the second part of the 2021 season due to a serious foot injury, played just two games after Roland Garros and prepared for a fresh start in 2022. As we all know, Rafa turned the tables and started the season with a perfect 20 -0 score.

The Spaniard claimed three straight titles, including his first Australian Open crown since 2009 following an epic victory over Daniil Medvedev. Rafa broke a rib in Indian Wells and skipped Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

Rafael Nadal is satisfied with his season.

He returned in Madrid and Rome and did not play at his best, with more foot problems waiting around the corner. Requiring injections before every match, Nadal extended his Roland Garros dominance and claimed the 14th Parisian trophy with 22 Grand Slam crowns.

It was the last shining moment of Rafa’s season, injuring his abdominal muscle at Wimbledon and withdrawing before the semifinal. The Spaniard played just nine more games at the end of the year, scoring four wins and experiencing four straight losses for the first time since 2009!

Still, the veteran is pleased with his 2022 campaign, says it’s a gift to finish in such a high position, and wants more from January. Nadal will kick off the 2023 season at the United Cup in Australia at the end of December.

“If you think about achieving all this at 18, you are super arrogant or dreamy; I am not. I am one of those who breathe sport daily, trying to build a future from daily work. present with the best attitude and a good education, every small advance makes you opt for bigger things.

At this point in my career, being where I am is a gift, but I continue to live this race with the same passion and enthusiasm”, said Rafael Nadal.

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