Toto Wolff warns Mercedes could follow Ferrari if they ‘lose’ Lewis Hamilton

Ferrari is an iconic and storied part of Formula 1, and the Scuderia became a household name in racing following its success in earlier eras.

The team came close to challenging for the constructors’ championship this year, but ultimately fell short after problems with strategic decisions and reliability, extending its title drought that began after its last win in 2008.

Red Bull is a relatively new team to the sport compared to Ferrari’s heritage, however they enjoyed a period of dominance under Sebastian Vettel around a decade ago.

The energy drink giants won their first constructors’ championship since 2013 this year after Mercedes dominated every year since Vettel left for Ferrari.

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With Mercedes falling a bit short of a title challenge this year, fans began to wonder if it might be Silver Arrows’ turn to experience a title drought.

The team struggled to familiarize themselves with the new regulations that came into effect for the 2022 season, however they have said they understand where they went wrong and are confident to return to their best next season.

Toto Wolff was asked about the possibility of his team spending time in the shadow of its rivals, however he explained why he hopes to avoid a repeat of the misfortune of Ferrari and Red Bull.

“With Ferrari, for example, they lost all of their top leadership and a key driver. That is something that can be traced”, explained the Austrian.

“With Red Bull, it was a pivotal situation where the power unit switched backwards and there was no works deal.

“We’re looking at that and thinking, ‘We better be careful,’ because a season has gone by in the blink of an eye.

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“We can’t allow ourselves to look back at the end of next season and the season after, saying ‘That’s bitter.'”

Mercedes engineers have suggested that its shortcomings in 2022 were due to the physics surrounding the new era of Formula 1 cars being wrong, and that they are confident they will make amends next year.

Lewis Hamilton has jokingly told reporters that he will not be looking to keep the W13 in his collection, as he hopes to see the rear of the car after post-season testing in Abu Dhabi.

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