Anastasia Potapova’s workout makes her fan’s head spin!

The young Russian tennis player Anastasia Potapova he is enjoying his off-season, between reading books in the living room and training, which makes his fan’s head spin.

Anastasia in her career won one WTA title in singles and two in doubles.

On the ITF Tour he holds one title in singles and two in doubles. On July 22, 2019 she reached the best singles ranking at number 64, on February 14, 2022 she reached number 73 in doubles. On the Young Tour she won the Wimbledon singles in 2016 and, thanks to this victory, she reached the 1st position in the ranking.

In doubles, she reached three Grand Slam finals: two at the French Open in 2016 and 2017, and one at the US Open in 2015.

The latest from Anastasia Potapova

Anastasia was recently the protagonist of a debate or rather almost a run-in with her followers.

The girl confirmed that many followers on her social networks write to her to leave the world of tennis to dedicate herself to fashion, there are those who recommend it to flatter her and many of her instead write it to insult its.

After the defeat at the Guadalajara Open, Potappova spoke during a podcast on YouTube, told by, and revealed some messages from her followers: “Why are you still playing? Go model! Many write me this.”

The girl responded very wisely and said: “In the end I think it’s nice to be told that I want to be a model, I don’t take it at all.” Recently the young Russian tennis player was eliminated in the semifinals of the Transylvania Open by Anna Blinkova, one of the most fit tennis players of the moment and recently arrived from the victory in the WTA tournament in Romania, in Cluj-Napoca.

Blinkova said about Anastasia: “It was a very difficult challenge, Anastasia is a great tennis player and it was a mental victory. I can’t describe my feelings, but I’m happy to have reached the end of this tournament, I’m very happy with that.”

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