Lowest scores for half of the drivers in the final F1 driver qualifications 22 RaceFans

Half of the Formula 1 drivers who contested most of last season had their performance ratings lowered in the final ratings update in the official F1 22 game.

Codemasters has left the scores of the top two drivers, world champion Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, unchanged at 95 and 93 respectively on the 100-point scale. The two drivers who were fighting for the second place, Charles Leclerc and Sergio Pérez, have seen their scores drop to 91 and 87 respectively.

That pair is among the 10 drivers whose scores were adjusted downward in the game’s latest update this year. They include three of the four drivers who do not have seats for the 2023 F1 season.

Mick Schumacher, who started the season with a rating of 77 and rose to 80, has fallen back to his original level. Daniel Ricciardo, who had a rating of 90 when last year’s game came out, leaves the sport with 79. Nicholas Latifi retires with a rating of 66, one less than last year’s lowest ranked driver, Nikita Mazepin.

Among the latest crop of former F1 drivers, only Sebastian Vettel’s score remains unchanged: he retires at 85, the level he had all season.

AlphaTauri drivers’ scores were also down, as were Alex Albon’s and Lance Stroll’s.

Following his big win in Brazil, George Russell’s rating has risen to 91, putting him in a tie with Leclerc for the third-highest scoring driver in the game.

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Alfa Romeo drivers have experienced the biggest changes in their scores since the season began. Valtteri Bottas’ rating dropped five points from 88 to 83, while newcomer Zhou Guanyu saw his rating rise from 70 to 77.

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