Chrome for iPhone feature: Google announces new Chrome for iPhone feature: How will it help users?

Google has announced a new feature for users accessing the Chrome web browser activated iPhones. The latest feature of Chrome will allow iOS users to quickly open external links from other applications in Incognito mode. According to the company, the new feature can be useful for shared devices.
How does the new feature work?
According to 9to5Google, Chrome’s default behavior on iOS loads links along with other open tabs that share your cookies and account login information. iOS users can go to chrome settings to enable the latest feature. According to the report, this is how you can enable the feature:

  1. Open the chrome browser on your iOS device.
  2. To go settings.
  3. Then go to the Privacy & Security tab.
  4. Look for the Ask to open links from other apps in incognito option and enable it.
  5. Once the feature is enabled, tapping a link in an external app will first display a full screen prompt.
  6. The URL you clicked on and a Open incognito? the option will appear with instructions on how to hide this browsing session from history and other people using this device.

Google Chrome new feature for iPhone users: Importance
The new feature in Google Chrome for iOS can be useful for families using shared devices, such as iPads, that don’t yet support multi-user functionality. This feature can also help users sign in to other accounts without having to manually copy their credentials.
Meanwhile, Google has released version 108 of Chrome for iphone Users Users using Google Password Manager and credential provider extensions will now see favicons next to site credentials. According to the report, users will also notice stability and performance improvements with this new update.

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