Emma Raducanu answers if there was any special treatment for her after the US Open 2021

Emma Raducanu insisted she received no special treatment after her stunning victory at the 2021 US Open. Raducanu, who turned 20 this month, wrote tennis history during the 2021 US Open. As a qualifier, Raducanu went all the way to the US Open. , becoming the first qualifier to win a Grand Slam title.

But when Raducanu returned home, everything seemed like it was before she became a Grand Slam champion. “(Winning the US Open) wasn’t a big deal for my family, it was just like a normal Friday or Saturday night.

After the US Open, I was fighting to get a court at my local club, there was no special treatment!” Raducanu told Grazia magazine.

Raducanu ‘proud’ of the impact she has had on British children

Ranked 75th in the world, Raducanu quickly became one of the most popular and beloved British athletes among children.

Following Raducanu’s victory at the US Open, more children in Britain became interested in tennis. “I’m very proud, I don’t really realize the impact I’ve had until I see the tennis courts so much more crowded.

I have seen children at my old primary school and at the National Tennis Center, they are all very excited,” Raducanu reflected. Meanwhile, Raducanu prepares for the 2023 season. Towards the end of the 2022 season, Raducanu suffered a right wrist injury.

Although Raducanu did his best to recover in time for the Billie Jean King Cup finals in Glasgow, he was unable to represent his nation. However, Raducanu’s progress post-injury is going well and he is expected to start his 2023 season in Auckland.

Throughout the entire 2022 season, Raducanu was hampered by injuries and physical setbacks. This offseason, Raducanu has been working extremely hard in the gym as she is determined to stay injury free next year.

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