OnePlus promises more Android updates than Google, but there’s a catch

OnePlus has announced plans to offer four years of Android updates for some of its future smartphones, but current OnePlus users may not benefit.

oneplus has announced plans to deliver four years of Android updates to its flagship smartphones, but that may not mean much to current OnePlus users. Apple is widely recognized as the undisputed king of iOS updates, and the company typically offers five years of software updates for its iPhones. Android, as a platform, falls far short, with Samsung leading the pack with a promised four years of updates for its flagship Galaxy S series devices. Even Google offers just three years of Android updates for its Pixel phones.


Most other Android OEMs offer two to three years of software updates for their flagship devices, while entry-level and mid-range phones either get a single Android update or are sold as-is, which it means you don’t get any update at all. Samsung wasn’t doing particularly well when it came to quick software update rollouts, either, but that changed a few years ago when the company promised to not only roll out four years of Android updates to its flagships, but to do so in a timely manner.

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According to 9to5GoogleOnePlus said it will deliver four major updates to OxygenOS and five years of security updates for select devices at a community event in London. Speaking at the event, Gary Chen, OnePlus’ head of software products, said the new upgrade policy will help users at a time when most people are keeping their devices longer. According to Chen, the additional years of updating “will give users access to the latest functional and security features” for much longer, helping them to better enjoy their OnePlus devices.

Four years of Android updates for OnePlus smartphones

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While the new policy is a step in the right direction for OnePlus, it’s not all good news for people who already use OnePlus devices. This is because the promise is only valid for devices released in 2023 and later, meaning current smartphones like the OnePlus 10 Pro won’t benefit from it. It’s also worth noting that the new policy may not be applicable to all future OnePlus releases, meaning mid-ranges like the Nord series could be left out.

As for which devices could be the first to come with the new update policy, speculation suggests that it could be the OnePlus 11 series, which is expected to launch in the first half of 2023 with Android 13 out of the box. A lot is already known about the upcoming OnePlus flagships. Recent leaks suggest that the Pro iteration could feature a revamped design with a circular camera housing on the back, instead of its predecessor’s rectangular one. Also, there is likely to be a new triple camera system in the oneplus 11 Pro camera, which packs a 50MP main rear camera, a 48MP ultra-wide shooter, and a 32MP telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom.

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Source: 9to5Google

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