Apex Legends Mobile becomes the best game of 2022 for both Android and iOS

Google has revealed the winners of its 2022 Play Awards. Just as Apple did earlier this week, the company named apex legends mobile the best game of the year.

Google said in a blog post that Apex Legends Mobile “rocked up the Esports rankings, trending and regularly appearing in the top 10 download charts throughout the year.” The game also won a Users’ Choice award.

Other winners include:

  • Best multiplayer — dislyte
  • Better pick up and play — angry birds trip
  • best indians – risky dungeons
  • best story — papers please
  • Best on Play Pass: very little nightmares
  • Best for tablets: fantasy tower

On November 28, Apple also named the best apps and games of 2022. Apex Legends Mobile won the iPhone Game of the Year award. Moncage became the best game for iPad, while encryption was named the best game for Mac.

The road to success of Apex Legends Mobile

  • Developed by Respawn Entertainment in collaboration with Tencent-owned studio Lightspeed & Quantum, Apex Legends Mobile launched in 10 select countries in February.
  • Next month the game exceeded 7.5 million pre-registrations on Google Play.
  • In its debut month, the mobile version of Electronic Arts’ battle royale reached $13 million in revenue on iOS and Android.
  • According to AppMagicApex Legends Mobile has already grossed $35.1 million and reached 31.3 million downloads since its launch on May 17.
  • Japan accounts for 43% of total player spending, followed by the US (32%), Thailand (3%), Malaysia (2%), and Canada (2%).

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