Brave Nine Story is now available for Android and iOS, Visual Novel Meets RPG

Neowiz announced a visual novel RPG Brave Nine Story is available now for Android and iOS in the west, and players can earn free launch rewards right now.

Celebrate Nine brave men in history launch, players can participate in the “Start Dash Event” with free rewards to be obtained. 10,000 diamonds can be obtained by logging into the game for seven consecutive days. Players can exchange the diamonds for special costumes in the game.

Here’s an overview of the new mobile game via Neowiz:

Brave Nine Story is a visual novel that completes the story started in nine brave. Brave Nine Story inherits the core fun and artistic style of nine brave while also complementing the gaps in the original story to provide a more immersive experience throughout the nine brave universe. This visual novel also does more than focus on the heroes of nine braveyou will meet various characters as the story progresses, sometimes they will end up as your colleagues, or even as your enemies, eventually leading to conflict!

Players can currently participate in Story, Story Abduction, and PvP Arena modes. In Story and Story Abduction modes, players can discover the stories of each mercenary featured in the game. In PvP Arena mode, players will be able to test their skills against the rest of the world. A total of four languages ​​are supported: Korean, Japanese, English, and Taiwanese.

To commemorate the official launch of Brave Nine Story, the Start Dash event offering generous rewards will run until December 31. If a player logs into the game for 7 consecutive days, he will receive up to 10,000 diamonds that can be exchanged for a special costume. Additional diamonds can be earned as a reward based on the number of followers a player has on various social media communities, including Facebook and Twitter.

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