How a superhero Easter egg sets up a powerful new villain

A hidden Easter egg in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero sets up the introduction of a powerful new villain in a future movie or anime series.

An Easter egg in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero establishes a powerful new villain for Dragon Balls Z Fighters. Currently, there are no official plans for an additional installment in the Dragon Ball franchise. However, there’s a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before Toei Animation delivers a third. dragon ball super movie or new anime series.

There are numerous possibilities when it comes to who the Z-Warriors will fight next. similar to what dragon ball super did with Jiren and Zamasu, the next movie or show could obviously feature a new antagonist. But of course, that’s far from the only option. many of dragon ball super Key storylines, including both movies, reveal an interest in revisiting old villains like Cell and Frieza. Based on the story of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, characters from non-canonical movies are also on the table. All things considered, a multitude of options will be available to Toei when Goku and Vegeta return.


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Dragon Ball Super: Superhero added an unexpected character to the list of candidates for the next Dragon Ball villain. A photo shown during Dr. Gero’s family tree overview laid the groundwork for Android 21 to show up sometime along the way. Having debuted as an original character in the fan-favorite video game, Dragon Ball FighterZ, 21 is the main villain and a secret creation of the Red Ribbon Army. The photo in question shows Vomi, the wife of Dr. Gero and the woman used as a model for Android 21. That explains why the person in the picture looks identical to the one wrestlerz villain.

How Dragon Ball can officially introduce Android 21

Android 21 in the video game Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Thanks to this wrestlerz Easter Egg, Dragon Ball now you have the tools you need to use 21 as an enemy of the Z-Warriors. Since it has been established that Vomi exists in Dragon Ball canon now, it’s not impossible that 21 is somewhere in a hidden Red Ribbon Army lab. For years, she may have remained inactive. That could change if someone stumbled into the lab and activated it. If that happened, she could start wreaking havoc on Earth in an effort to quench her hunger.

In-game, his ability to gain power by consuming the life forces of others made Android 21 a force to be reckoned with. The need for more energy from him helped transform 21 into a nearly unbeatable foe for Dragon Balls Z Fighters. With a character as strong as Android 21 at hand, Dragon Ball It would have a villain powerful enough to carry an entire saga. Not unlike what happened in the game, his introduction could easily culminate in an alliance between Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and all the other heroes.

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