Skiers accidentally turn on iPhone 14 crash detection, dispatcher says to leave feature on

Shortly after the iPhone 14 launched this fall, the new crash detection feature was found to be unintentionally triggered by roller coasters in some cases. Now that winter sports are on the rise in the Northern Hemisphere, it turns out that skiing can also trigger false positives.

As an update, Crash Detection is a valuable new security feature coming with the iPhone 14 lineup and the new Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, and SE 2. But while Apple uses all-new hardware, an advanced algorithm, and more than a million hours of failure data, false positives are still possible.

Apple even released an update today that should help with accidental failure detection. However, most users have yet to install that update.

As reported by KSL via MacRumors, cyclists in Park City, Utah unknowingly activated crash detection while skiing and snowboarding.

Summit County Dispatch Center Supervisor Suzie Butterfield shared that they are seeing “three to five emergency calls from Apple technology per day. She said that none of the calls that she has received have been activated on purpose.”

He added that iPhone or Apple Watch owners generally “have no idea they’ve called us.”

In particular, Butterfield sees Apple’s bug detection, even with false positives, as a useful tool and recommends that users leave it enabled.

“We don’t want you to turn the feature off,” Butterfield said. We would prefer you to be safe. We don’t mind taking that call because if something really happened, we want to be able to get in touch with you.”

MacRumors also noted that reports of skiing accidentally triggering crash detection have been mentioned on Reddit.

I’ll be on the tracks soon so I’ll report back if the iOS 16.1.2 update seems to fix the Crash Detection false positives on the mountain 😁⛷️.

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