Skiers’ Apple devices accidentally call 911 due to their blocking technology

SAN FRANCISCO: The crash detection feature, which comes built into the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and new Apple Watch models, caused skiers to accidentally call 911, media reported.

According to the Utah news site KSL, dispatchers in Summit County in the US state have seen an increase in accidental emergency calls from skiers due to the crash detection feature.

The technology was designed to detect serious car accidents, but it is often activated accidentally at ski resorts.

“We will get a call that the owner of this Apple Watch or iPhone has been in a serious accident or has been involved in a car accident,” said Summit County Dispatch Center Supervisor Suzie Butterfield.

“They won’t get back to you when you first start talking because I don’t even think they knew they did, but when you call back…they usually say, ‘Oh, sorry, I was skiing. Everything’s fine,'” he added. .

Butterfield said he gets three to five emergency calls every day from Apple technology.

None of the calls he has received were deliberately triggered, according to the report.

If the Apple device detects that a crash has occurred, a message appears on the screen with an alarm sound.

The user can dismiss the alert, but if they do not respond within 20 seconds, an automated voice message will be sent to the nearest 911 call center.

However, in October, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 16.2 to developers, the next iOS update, in which the company said it will allow users to send a report to the company when emergency SOS is triggered without want.

Apple’s iOS 16.2 beta will seek user feedback on the cancellation of Emergency SOS mode.

A notification will appear that opens the Feedback Assistant so Apple can retrieve data about what happened.

“Did you intentionally activate Emergency SOS on your iPhone?” the message is read.

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