Infinity Games’ Flipper Island Could Be The Start Of A New Idle Genre | Pocket

Portugal-based publisher and developer Infinity Games has created a new island-based game, Flipper Island, in 48 hours..

Developed for iPhone Dynamic Island, the title was created by Infinity Games during an internal game.

One thumb fits all

Known for their minimalist titles, the Infinity Games catalog has amassed over 190 million downloads and includes Power On, Pipes, and Swipe.

Meanwhile, Flipper Island has been developed for iPhone 14 pro series iPhone Dynamic Island, although it will also run on certain iOS devices without Dynamic Island. Flipper Island’s pinball-like mechanics are combined with gameplay that requires only one thumb, which has the potential to start a new idle gaming genre, allowing players to multitask while playing.

Flipper Island features a flipper for the express purpose of allowing comfortable play. The object of the game is to achieve the highest score by using the titular flipper to shoot a ball and destroy the island, with the points earned varying depending on the type of island destroyed.

A new genre in mobile gaming?

In contrast to all the destruction, Flipper Island has been designed with soothing music and minimalist artwork, giving the title its “zen” Infinity Games flavor. More updates are expected in the future, including new balls, power-ups, game modes, and challenges.

Though speculation for now, Flipper Island’s one-thumb game has room to become a new hit genre of mobile gaming, and it’s likely that other developers will hurry up and try the form themselves. Being able to play a mobile game while doing something else, with high accessibility and only two days of development, could be a winning combination.

In March, Infinity Games signed a multi-year partnership with Nerd Monkeys to port their titles from mobile devices to Switch and Xbox.

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