YouTube fixes crashing issues in iOS app, after receiving complaints

Google-owned YouTube said Thursday it has fixed crashing issues in the iOS app that were reported by “many” users.

From its TeamYouTube account, the video streaming platform tweeted: “Hello, we are aware that many of you using the YouTube app on iOS devices may be experiencing crashes. We are very sorry and have started working on a fix. Updates early.”

He later claimed that all the problems have been fixed.

“The YouTube app on iOS devices should now work fine with no crashes! Thanks for sticking with it,” he added.

DownDetector, an online website outage monitoring platform, revealed that more than 8,000 users reported different crash issues in the US.

Several users took to the microblogging platform Twitter to report the issues.

While one user asked: “Is anyone else experiencing YouTube crashes?” another asked: “Anyone else having significant and repeated #Youtube crashing issues on #Apple devices?”

In April this year, the video-sharing platform suffered a global outage as users reported various issues such as getting error messages when trying to watch videos along with logging issues.

YouTube users also reported problems accessing elements of the website, such as the sidebar navigation, account switching, and settings menus, for example.



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