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Just when you thought Netflix couldn’t be beaten in terms of being the market leader with the most subscribers in the US, we’ve got some news for you.

Amazon Prime Video has taken the top spot, beating out Netflix, which has reigned supreme for quite some time. But it seems that all good things must come to an end and this is one of them.

The news comes to us thanks to some new rankings published by Parks Associates. And according to them, Netflix is ​​so yesterday, and Amazon Prime leads today.

These particular rankings are all related to the estimated numbers of different subscribers throughout the month of September this year, thanks to the company’s OTT Video Market Tracker.

But what we find very interesting here is how the researchers in this study failed to highlight the actual estimated numbers located outside of this report. Meanwhile, the rankings for this in the US also featured Peacock breaking into the top 10 list, ranking at number 9.

On the other hand, we saw Hulu jump out and take the lead against Disney+ to reach the top third position. Showtime, which previously entered the ranking at number ten, is now off the list.

Amazon Prime Video is being included in full swing thanks to the company’s aggressive branding tactics for Prime Membership. As it is, Netflix has really started to struggle to achieve great growth in the United States, which stands out as its leading and most saturated consumer market today.

The Parks Research VP says there’s been a lot of disruption in terms of the current market as other streaming services start to introduce different types of content, services, and even offerings.

Parks’ research vice president Jennifer Kent noted that there is significant disruption in the market as streaming services introduce new content, services and partnerships, adding that Netflix is ​​positioning itself for a potential subscriber resurgence.

Meanwhile, Netflix has a new ad-supported tier that it thinks can help it win back the revenue and consumers it lost by announcing a new subscription that would force people to pay more if they wanted to share passwords with their acquaintances.

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