Elon Musk says Apple has ‘fully resumed’ advertising on Twitter

According to Elon Musk, Apple has “fully resumed” advertising on Twitter. The billionaire made the comment during a broadcast from his private plane on Saturday night. On November 28, Musk Apple had “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter” and threatened to remove the iOS client from the App Store platform. “Do you hate free speech?” Musk asked his followers and went on to play with the angle of censorship.

Apple temporarily stopped advertising on Twitter after the one in Colorado Springs on November 19. The outlet notes that brands tend to reduce their Twitter ads after shootings and disasters, mainly because they don’t want to see their products alongside tweets about human tragedies.

Two days after criticizing Apple, Musk said there was . “Resolved the misunderstanding about the possible removal of Twitter from the App Store,” she posted. “Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing it.” On Saturday, Musk added that Apple was the biggest advertiser on Twitter. That same day, he thanked the advertisers “.”

Separatelyplatforms Zoe Schiffer on Saturday that Amazon also had plans to start advertising on Twitter again. The retail giant has reportedly committed to spending roughly $100 million per year, “pending some security adjustments to the company’s ad platform.”

The news of Apple and Amazon’s return to Twitter comes amid ongoing reports that the company’s ad revenue has dropped significantly since Musk’s. During the first week of the World Cup in Qatar, the company only made about 20 percent of the ad revenue it expected during that period, according to The times. In recent weeks, the company has repeatedly cut its internal revenue projections for the last three months of the year. Initially, Twitter reportedly expected to earn around $1.4 billion in the fourth quarter, but has since reduced that number to $1.1 billion. Musk previously told employees the company was in dire financial straits and warned

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