Star Trek’s Sisko Tells a Dark Truth About His DS9 Sequel Team

Warning: contains spoilers for Star Trek #2!In the new IDW Publishing publication star trek comically, Captain Sisko must face a dark truth about his Deep Space Nine sequel crew. Something is killing the divine beings of the star trek universe, and Sisko must find out who is responsible, and to help him on his quest, Starfleet has given him a new crew, made up of the best and brightest from around the world. Emigrate universe, but in issue two, he realizes something dark about his new colleagues. The issue is on sale now in print and digital.


In Deep Space Nine final episode, Captain Sisko left our plane of existence and went to live with the mysterious Prophets; the Prophets are non-linear, non-corporeal beings living in the Bajoran wormhole. After three years of absence, the Prophets send Sisko back to our reality with a mission: to find and stop whoever is killing the godlike beings of the world. star trek universe. Starfleet, represented by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, reinstates Sisko; however, because he was on another plane of existence, living as a non-corporeal being, Starfleet is still hesitant to release him, so they assign him a new ship and a new crew, selected from around the world. star trek multiple incarnations. The android Data is her first mate and Beverly Crusher is in charge of sickbay; Tom Paris is the helmsman and Scotty is the ship’s engineer. Along with the Andorian Sato and the Vulcan T’Lir, they set out for the USS Theseus to uncover the culprit behind the outbreak of galactic deicide.

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And yet, as seen in number two, doubts about Sisko’s new team linger on his mind. The longer Sisko remains away from the Prophets, the more the knowledge he gained from them fades. This knowledge, which would prove critical to the mission, was part of the reason Starfleet entrusted Sisko with a crew in the first place; furthermore, this led Sisko’s crew to place their faith in him, and now that memory is fading, he is plagued with doubts as to whether or not he can lead them. Sisko claims that the Deep Space Nine “was a family,” but there is no such atmosphere in the theseus. Instead, Sisko calls them “skeptical at best” and “panopticon at worst.” The ship reaches its destination, and readers discover why Sisko was traveling there: to meet his former colleague Worf, now an ambassador. Sisko reveals that he sees Worf as someone he “will always consider [his] brother.” The issue is written by Jackson Lanzig and Collin Kelly, illustrated by Oleg Chudakov, colored by Lee Loughridge, and lettered by Clayton Cowles.

Sisko’s doubts threaten his mission.

While Sisko may view Worf as a brother, the same cannot be said for the crew of the theseus. As Sisko said, the Deep Space Nine crew was a family. They lived, worked, and grew up together, forming one of the closest units in Starfleet, one that helped turn the tide of the war with the Dominion. The Deep Space Nine crew put their faith in Sisko to guide them, and his faith was well placed. However, with Sisko’s cosmic insights fading by the day, and with his knowledge of the mission, there is a chance that the crew of the theseus he might lose faith in him, which would cause Sisko endless pain.

However, Sisko shouldn’t discount his new comrades just yet. Any crew needs time to come together as a unit, and the theseus will be no different, and when your crew it does come together, whoever is killing star trek the divine beings will have a formidable force to contend with. For now, however, Sisko is plagued by doubts, which threaten the Deep Space Nine aftermath mission.

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Star Trek #2 It’s now on sale at IDW Publishing!

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