Destiny 2 shows off Assassin’s Creed armor

Bungie and Ubisoft are collaborating to bring Assassin’s Creed armor to Destiny 2, and a new trailer shows Guardians donning the assassin’s cowl.

Season of the Seraph is finally available destiny 2and players can put on special clothes assassin’s Creed armor for their Guardians in collaboration with Ubisoft. The last destiny 2 trailer shows the new assassin’s Creed armor in all three classes before players get the new gear in the game.

destiny 2 is gearing up for a big launch with the light fall expansion in early 2023. The Guardians looted the dark relics of fallen pirates during the Season of Plunder, progressing further into the main story as the Vanguard forces grow to repel the imminent threat of the Witnesses. The Season of the Seraph has begun with the Hive God of War Xivu Arath attempting to take control of Rasputin’s Seraph network. Players must unite to protect these seraphim and repel the hive forces, and assassin’s Creed fans can don special armor to represent their favorite franchise at the same time.


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Bungie and Ubisoft revealed assassin’s Creed Armor ornaments are available to purchase from the Eververse store at destiny 2. Warlocks can equip the original’s signature Altair armor. assassin’s Creed title while Hunters and Titans can equip armor of Kassandra and Eivor, protagonists of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Y Assassin’s Creed Valhalla respectively. Bungie’s latest trailer for fate 2 shows the assassin’s Creed armor as the Guardians battle the forces of darkness. As shown in the trailer, players can equip assassin’s Creed-Themed accessories in Season of the Seraph.

fate 2 players can now purchase assassin’s Creed accessories for your Guardian, like a new ghost, a sparrow and a ship. Additionally, the new “Up my Sleeve” finisher is available in the Eververse store. The “Up my Sleeve” finisher mimics the iconic hidden blade murder depicted throughout the assassin’s Creed Serie. Consequently, the Eververse store is full of armor and accessories for the most dedicated. assassin’s Creed fans during fate 2 Seraph Season.

The Eververse store has been a source of criticism of Bungie’s monetization practices in recent years, but the new assassin’s Creed armor is a case of paid cosmetics that are a boon to fate 2. The new assassin’s Creed The team may appeal to gamers who also enjoy Ubisoft’s prolific franchise. Eventually, the equipment can be obtained by using Bright Dust, which is fate 2 Free in-game currency that is acquired through normal progression. For example, fate 2 Fortnite Collaboration gear became available to purchase with Bright Dust during Season of Plunder.

Season of the Seraph seems to be off to a great start in fate 2 with amazing equipment, weapons and activities to perform. The season ends when the Destiny 2 Lightfall The expansion launches on February 28, 2023.

destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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