From $0.29 to $10,000, iOS App Store gets more pricing options

Get ready to see a wider range of prices in the iOS App Store. Apple today opened the door for developers to list their apps at up to 900 different price points, starting at just $0.29.

The company is making the switch after settling a developer class action lawsuit that claimed Apple was running an unfair monopoly on its app store. As part of the deal, Cupertino agreed to increase the available pricing options “from under 100 to over 500.”

Apple will let iOS developers take advantage of the new pricing, first for auto-renewing subscriptions, starting Tuesday. The company will then open up pricing options for “all other apps and in-app purchases in spring 2023.”

“Under the updated App Store pricing system, all developers will have the ability to select from 900 price points, which is nearly 10 times the number of price points previously available for most apps,” Apple added.(Opens in a new window) in the ad. “This includes 600 new price points to choose from, with an additional 100 higher price points available upon request.”

(Credit: Apple)

The change is good news for iOS developers looking for more flexibility in the pricing of their products, which can include apps, bundles, and subscription services. Apple says a developer can price their app up to $10,000, though the company must first approve such expensive listings.

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In the future, iOS apps will also be able to ditch prices ending in “.99.” Instead, developers can price an app at “X.00”, “X.90” and “X.95”.

The other notable development is how Cupertino will allow developers to set the price on any of the 175 iOS storefronts for each individual country. “Starting in 2023, developers with paid apps and in-app purchases will be able to set local territory prices, which won’t be affected by automatic price adjustments,” Apple added.

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