Here’s a guide on how to set up Netflix parental controls

Netflix has become one of the most popular video streaming platforms around the world. The platform keeps updating new features to diversify and expand its user base. With diverse content for various sections such as adults, children and others, there is a risk that children will access all content that might not be suitable and appropriate for them.

To keep children away from content that is inappropriate for them, Netflix allows users to set parental controls. This will help parents manage their children to only see age-appropriate content. If you are wondering how to set parental controls on Netflix, here is the guide for you:

STEP 1. Open the Netflix account and log in with the ID and your password.

STEP 2. Now, scroll down to find Profile & Parental Controls. Touch the option.

STEP 3. Tap on the children’s profile and choose the Viewing Restrictions option from the menu.

STEP 4. Also, enter the password again and after reviewing the restriction settings, press the Save button.

STEP 5. To confirm the settings, go to the profile section page and choose Child Profile. Now, check the restricted changes, in case the changes are not saved repeat the process.

Meanwhile, it has unveiled three new mobile games, titled ‘Three Kingdoms’ from Devolver Digital’, ‘Cats & Soup’ from Neowiz and ‘Hello Kitty Happiness Parade’ from Rogue Games. Notably, these mobile games will come bundled with Netflix membership with no ads or in-app purchases.

Users can also reportedly find these games on the Netflix mobile app on their iOS and Android smart devices.

Talking about the Hello Kitty Happiness Parade game, it is developed by Rogue Games and can have up to three players on the street as they collect coins and frustrate fun-hating Kuromi, the company says.

Cats & Soup by Neowiz is a game that tasks players to prepare soup for their customers. Players would have to collect new recipes and hearts from their Kitty companions by feeding them the fish they catch while the cats are working on the game.

Devolver’s The Three Kingdoms is a card game in which players fight in war and politics at the end of China’s Han Dynasty.

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