How to get Kyne’s token in Skyrim

Religion is a complicated thing in Skyrim. The same civil war that has torn the province apart is already proof of this. The Empire’s influence on worship has put the Divine Eight at the top of the religious pecking order, with many traditional beliefs falling by the wayside.

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An old man who lives in the mountains within the Rift is well aware of that. He is a follower of Kyne, the version of Kynareth that the Norse had initially worshiped. One of his traditions, the Holy Trials, is in danger of disappearing, and he is eager to guide you through it for the sake of preservation.

Starting Kyne’s Holy Trials

This quest starts in the mountains up to the west of Riften Y south of Ivarstead at Froki’s Shack. Its owner, Froki Whetted-Blade, lives with his grandson away from the rest of society.


Froki’s house is in a remote location forks hard to reach.

The strongly encourages you to complete Kyne’s Holy Trials. This is a traditional challenge for hunters and is meant to test young hunters before they are considered ready. To sweeten the deal, he provide you with a unique amulet for completing the tests.

defeating pests

An adventurer fights a huge ghostly crab at night and is visibly dwarfed by it.

the old hunter anoints you, providing the necessary preparation to fight your first set of targets. Is it so weak enemies that They hardly pose a threat.

These enemies are merely ghostly versions of themselves and it can be defeated using standard tactics.

Name Location
watchdog wolf Found near pinewatchtowards north of Falkreath.
Guardian Skeever This hidden inside the Barlovento Ruins towards south of Dawnstar.
guardian crab This near the Gjukar monument.

Return to Froki’s cabin once you’ve defeated them to continue with the Trials.

fighting predators

A man fights a ghostly bear deep in a forest, surrounded by trees and mushrooms.

Froki does not waste time and puts you against a trio of tougher enemies, designed to test your combat prowess.

Name Location
guardian bear found nearby knife Point Crest, close falkreath, in a small clearing.
Guardian Skeever It hides in the glaciers southeast of Winterhold.
guardian crab The Mammoth waits in an area littered with mammoth bones until the north of Whiterun.

Return to Froki’s Shack for the final step.

If you fought this group of enemies, consider getting stronger before starting the next part.

Defeating the Troll Champion

A man shoots a small fireball at a ghostly monster inside a cave with some vegetation blooming inside.

This final enemy is the hardest part of the judgments fight the guardian troll in a small cave called Gray Winterguard, to east of Whiterun. The battle against it it is complicated by the two normal trolls waiting in the cave.

the trolls are weak to flame spells Y they have their health regen stopped when powered up. Using spells like calls Y Fire breath It will be a good method to keep them at bay.

Although it is not required, you can find froki’s bow inside the cave in a barrel. It’s a longbow that deals ten stamina damage but otherwise it is negligible.

Completing Kyne’s Holy Trials

A screenshot of an inventory screen showing the Kyne Token item

Go back to Froki for the last time to complete the search. There is no monetary reward, even if you receive Kyne’s token, a suitable amulet for hunters. It’s reduced animal damage by ten percent Y increases bow damage by five percent.

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