StirSystem Inc. Launches PanelRabbit Puzzle Game for iOS and Android

Osaka, Japan–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–StirSystem Inc. (Location: 2-6-11 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka; President: Nobuo Takahashi), a game software planning and development company, released its PanelRabbit smartphone app for iOS and Android on Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

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About PanelRabbit

PanelRabbit is a puzzle game in which players place panels to guide a rabbit to the finish line.

The rabbits lived peacefully in the forest until one day they were swept away by a big storm. A surviving pink rabbit sets out on a journey to the outside world to find his lost friends.

To avoid encountering bears, foxes, and other dangerous creatures, players must keep an eye on the direction of the animals and arrange the panels accordingly.

Game Description

Predict the route that the rabbit will follow and arrange the panels accordingly so that it can reach the goal. When you’re done grooming, allow the rabbit to walk along the created path.

Natural enemies that try to catch the rabbit, such as foxes and bears, also lurk on the stage.

Use panels to block the route and change the destination, or panels that the rabbit can hide behind to reach the goal.

A unique group of friends.

Over 70 unique looking rabbits including Ladybug and Dandelion style!

Give them carrots that you find on the stage in exchange for their help.

challenging stages

As you progress through the stages, various panel cheats appear for challenging gameplay.

Use your head to the maximum to conquer the scenarios.

There is no time limit, so you can take your time and think carefully.

PanelRabbit Overview

App name: PanelRabbit

Genre: Puzzle game

Supported Platforms: iOS / Android

Release date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Price: Free (with ads)

company overview

Company name: StirSystem Inc.

Representative: Chairman Nobuo Takahashi

Location: Kitahama Excel Building 7F, 2-6-11 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0041

Established: April 2, 2015

Business Purpose: Planning and development of gaming software


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