Tile Bluetooth trackers are up to 35 percent off at Amazon

Whether you or someone you love is prone to losing things, or just want the peace of mind of having a digital helper keeping track of your stuff, tile trackers are solid, inexpensive options that work with both iOS and Android devices. The company is having a holiday sale on Amazon right now that cuts 35 percent off several of its 2022 trackers and bundles. You’ll find the biggest discount on Tile Sticker, which is under $20, and you can get a three-pack. Tile Mates for $53 or a bundle of a Tile Mate and a Tile Slim for $40.

All of the Tile devices included in this sale work in a similar way, but have different designs. With Tile Sticker, you get the company’s Bluetooth tracking technology on a small disc with adhesive on one side that lets you stick it to things like your TV remote, your eyeglass case, and other important items. You can check Tile’s last known location using its companion mobile app, and if you’re within its 250-foot Bluetooth range, you can use the app to force the device to ring so you can find your stuff more easily. That works the other way, too: If you’ve got your Tile handy, you can double-press its button to ring your phone in case you lose that important piece of tech.

Since most features are common across the entire Tile line, you’ll just have to decide which form factor is right for you. Adhesive has the benefit of being sticky, whereas the standard Tile Mate has a key ring hole that makes it easy to attach to your keys. The Tile Slim is about the size of a credit card, making it ideal for keeping track of your wallet.

At this point, there are a number of other Bluetooth trackers on the market. Apple’s AirTags are arguably the most popular, and Samsung also makes its own trackers for its smartphones. But Tile devices are convenient because they’ll work on both iOS and Android devices, so if you’re thinking of giving trackers for the holidays this year, you don’t have to know in advance what kind of phone the recipient has. . .

Arguably the biggest downside to Tile trackers (if you’re not put off by privacy concerns) is that most of them have three-year, non-replaceable batteries. Tile makes one model, the Tile Pro, that runs on a one-year replaceable battery, extending the life of the device as a whole. While it’s not listed in Tile’s Amazon sale, it’s also $25 off for the holiday shopping season. If you’re willing to shop elsewhere, you can even score a Tile Pros three-pack with sleeves as a gift for $75 at QVC.

Buy Tile Pro on Amazon – $25 Buy Tile Pro (3-pack) on QVC – $75

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