5 tips for pistol cartridges

Pistol rounds are a crucial part of competitive Valorant matches. Helps teams understand the opponent’s playing style early in the game. It also helps a team to analyze their strengths in the current game and how they can be improved.

Many players tend to ignore the importance of the first round, but winning a pistol round can bring fruitful results for a team.

Note: These tips are subjective and reflect the opinion of the author.

Five tips to win every round of pistols in Valorant’s competitive game mode

A pistol round can be responsible for not only setting the momentum for any team, but it can also help influence the mindset for the next round. A first win can easily boost your confidence that you can drive to victory. Mentioned below are five tips that players can use to win every pistol round in Valorant.

1) Do not save Credits

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Saving usually works when a team doesn’t have enough credits to buy a weapon in the next round. Winning a round of pistols earns a team enough credits so they can buy an SMG afterwards. However, losing the round and saving with profits does not provide any benefit.

When losing a pistol round, the team should ideally save their credits for the third round in the middle. This is to make sure they have enough money to buy a rifle. Saving a pistol for the second round makes it absolutely useless, as now the player will get no extra credits.

2) Buy the right skills

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Pistol rounds can be extremely effective on a half. Therefore, winning the round should be a priority for any team. Agents in Valorant can afford first round utilities that can easily ensure victory. For example, Controllers and Initiators must purchase their smokers and recon utilities to drive enemies out of the site.

Many players make the mistake of buying absolutely nothing which eventually leads to a heartbreaking loss on that particular round. The main objective of the pistol round is to overwhelm your opponents with utilities, since they also have nothing but a weapon to stop the enemies.

3) Buy a weapon based on your Agent

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Valorant currently features five total sidearms suitable for certain operators and their respective playstyles. Purchasing a pistol also revolves around getting the correct ability for the character. Agents like Jett and Sova can go for a Sheriff in the pistol round if they can deal enough damage to the opposition.

It is usually recommended to buy a weapon like Ghost or Frenzy so that some credits can be used to buy a utility part. The good utility can be combined with a pistol to get the most out of an agent’s gear.

4) Avoid Buying Shorty

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Shorty is a pocket shotgun in Valorant that can only fire two close-range shots, making him a problem in long-range fights. Also, Shorty needs to reload after only two shots. It can be purchased for a price of 200 credits, but the weapon has a large number of drawbacks. Players should avoid using Shorty in the attack half, as multi-angle firefights are not the weapon’s forte.

However, he can be a good pick on defense for some free kills. It is recommended to drop the weapon on the ground before the buy phase ends so that the player can return to their Classic when needed.

5) Buy shields based on enemy team composition

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If the opponents have Agents that can drop a lot of utility, buying armor can be a good investment. Armors can negate damage from deadly utilities like Brimstone Mollies, Viper Snake Bites, and Raze Paint Shells.

It’s understandable that shield purchases don’t take precedence over essential utilities, but it can still help players live another day when faced with an overwhelming amount of abilities from opponents.

Players can use the aforementioned tips to ensure they emerge triumphant on the other side of a round of pistols in Valorant. Some of these can also be modified depending on the player’s play style.

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