Borderlands splash screens would work well in Overwatch 2 PvE content

With surveillance 2 Players still waiting on the promised PvE content of the sequel, which is set to start releasing in 2023, Blizzard will have to make sure it delivers on all fronts. Based on what has been shown so far, fans are expecting deep gameplay and skill trees for the game’s heroes, as well as hundreds of hero quests, which will basically serve as side quests. Additionally, players expect a meaningful narrative that highlights important character development. However, presentation will also be key.


With PvE mode on surveillance 2, Blizzard needs to make sure the missions feel more fleshed out than Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising. While these cooperative levels were strong, they understandably lacked the depth and polish of a full mode. The greatest variety of enemies and the most varied mechanics that have been confirmed for surveillance 2 are a great start, but polished and detailed cinematics will also be key. If Blizzard really wanted to add a bit of flair to its missions, displaying the splash screens of borderlands could do the trick.

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How Borderlands-like splash screens could work in Overwatch 2

In the borderlands franchise, splash screens appear whenever a main character makes their first appearance. From the playable Vault Hunters to Sir Hammerlock and the bosses players face, these intro screens feature stylized names, a glowing background, and a bit of text describing the character. The additional text is usually a joke or a reference of some kind, which plays on borderlands‘Humorous tone.

Ultimately, these home screens add a lot of personality to borderlands, and quickly highlight which characters will be more than minor NPCs or easy-to-kill enemies. Since they’ve been a part of the franchise since the beginning, it’s hard to imagine borderlands without them, and they do a great job of hyping the arrival of a great character. While the jokes can be cut out and replaced with a message about what the hero stands for, or a popular voice line, the concept of splash screens makes sense for surveillance 2.

Every time a new hero enters the scene during a surveillance 2 PvE mission, they could be given a splash screen. For example, footage from one in-development mission showed Widowmaker sliding through an area with her grappling hook, giving players the feeling that this could be a boss encounter. If this ends up being the case, you could get a splash screen right before the battle begins, adding an extra cool factor and giving your fight some importance.

Welcome screens seem particularly viable for surveillance 2because there are already some simplified versions in the Junkenstein’s Revenge missions. While they lack colorful backgrounds and unique text for each character, they do provide a close-up of the hero as he strikes a pose and prepares to attack the player. From Mercy’s mid-res intro to Gargoyle Winston waking up before pounced on players, these zoomed-in shots are close to opening screens.

Since the Marionette Echo, Wraith Moira, and Bride Sombra intros are highlights of Wrath of the Bride, it might be worth including something similar in the actual PvE campaign. With a bit of extra color, unique text, and flashier poses, the home screens are on par with those on the borderlands The series could be achieved. While they’re not a must-have feature, it would be fun to see them included as they would add to the game’s presentation and make each mission feel a bit more appealing. From Ramattra’s first appearance to a hero like Tracer reaching out to help, many fun moments can be accentuated through the home screens.

surveillance 2 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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