Comparing Marvel’s Abbey of the Midnight Sun to the Chimera from Marvel’s Avengers

Players will spend a lot of time in Marvel’s Midnight Suns roaming the vast central area of ​​the Abbey. It serves as the magical base of operations for the heroes and is where players will hang out between missions. What could have been a glorified menu appears to actually be a vast place filled with mysterious puzzles and secrets to discover. There is so much to discover within its halls that players may end up forgetting about Lilith’s invasion as they explore every nook and cranny.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns It’s not the only recent Marvel joint game to include a hub area, but it may be the best version of the concept. marvel avengers it also featured a couple of hub areas for players to hang out outside of missions, but these areas didn’t offer as much. While both games featured a pretty similar concept, their approach couldn’t be more different.

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Marvel’s Avengers Chimera Offers Little

When players aren’t facing off against AIM bots, they spend their time roaming the halls of the Avengers’ helicopter called the Chimera. The Chimera is one of the two hub areas that the player can explore, and it’s the one that players will likely spend the most time in. All the heroes hang out here, and it’s where most of the side activities are located. While it can be fun to explore and interact from time to time, most of Chimera feels like a showcase.

Players can select their next avengers mission on the War Table, practice in the HARM room, craft new items and go shopping within the confines of Chimera. The halls are also lined with various NPCs making it feel like a real working helicopter, with every unlocked hero standing around doing something. Players can interact with the heroes to hear a couple of lines of dialogue, and they can explore their rooms to find Marvel easter eggs, but that’s pretty much the limit of what they can do. The same goes for Ant Hill, which is largely a carbon copy of Chimera with a different coat of paint.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Abbey Feels Alive


Marvel’s Midnight Suns introduces players to the Abbey, which works much like the Chimera in that players can craft items, train, and select their next mission. Unlocked heroes also roam the grounds and players can interact with them. The Abbey sets itself apart from the Chimera with the wide range of side activities that really make it feel alive.

An important aspect of the Abbey is the vast grounds that players can explore, full of puzzles and secrets to discover. They are guided through these areas by the ghost of Agatha Harkness, and can explore as much or as little as they like. Players can also hang out with the heroes, help them with homework, train with them, attend club meetings with them, go fishing or paint with them, and have long conversations with them. This is all part of the friendship mechanic that allows players to unlock bonuses depending on how close they are to the heroes, and it’s just the beginning of what they can do inside the Abbey.

Players can also customize their Abbey to their liking. They can unlock upgrades that develop multiple rooms, and they have leeway to decide which images are in which frames. They are also provided with an upgradeable bedroom for their character and are given the ability to customize the casual outfits each hero wears as they roam the Abbey. This level of customization and midnight sunsThe sheer number of side activities really make Abbey stand out from Chimera, and give players a reason to keep coming back.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions in development.

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