David Harbor and Jodie Comer star in Mysterious Horror Game

In a recent interview, the Stranger Things star mentioned an upcoming horror video game that he and fellow actress Jodie Cormer will star in.

Strange things star David Harbor, along with killing eve Actor Jodie Comer will reportedly appear together in an upcoming unknown horror game. Although the actor has long been a fan of video games, especially world of warcraft which Harbor will broadcast, this mysterious project would mark the first time she has transitioned into the medium as a performer.

Best known for his role as Hopper on Netflix. Strange thingsfor which he gained great fame, Harbor’s acting career dates back to the late 1990s. In recent years he has starred in the black widow movie and 2019 hell boy movie. It will also appear in the next grand tourism film adaptation, marking his first foray into a video game franchise. Cormer, though less involved than Harbour, also has experience as a player and claims that she spent “too much time” playing. Grand Theft Auto.


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Harbor has been recruited by Blizzard to promote the recently released World of Warcraft: Flight of the Dragon, and while doing an interview for the game, he was asked if he would ever like to star in a video game. Her response revealed hitherto unknown information: “Actually, I have a game coming out,” she said. “Jodie Cormer and I made a video game. It’s coming out… I think it’s going to be next year. A horror game.” However, she did not offer any further details and it is unclear if the information was actually intended to be revealed as no official announcements have been made.

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In the same interview, the actor discussed which game he would like to be in, if the opportunity arose. “I really like what those guys in the God of War they’re doing with my friend Richard Schiff as Odin. They also play into that genre and always surprise in terms of these gods,” Harbor shared. Although if the actor does become a part of that franchise, it would likely be without any of the Norse characters he mentioned, as god of war ragnarok The Nordic trilogy concludes.

If this news is officially confirmed, Harbor will join the growing list of A-list Hollywood stars who are taking the plunge into video game IPs. The Wizard star Henry Cavill has done a lot to lead that interest. His presence as the show’s main lead, plus his unapologetic attitude towards his passion for gaming, have helped bridge the gap between the two industries for actors. In the interview, Harbor himself spoke about how gaming was once looked down on, but has now become much more mainstream, allowing him to be more open about his own love of the industry.

If this unknown horror game really does see the light of day, the inclusion of talent like Harbor and Cormer will likely be a big draw for fans. And while they wait for it to appear on the grand tourism movie, his gaming fans will have to be satisfied watching him play World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight.

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