Days Gone director blames ‘Woke’ reviewers for the game’s reception

Days Gone director John Garvin responds to a discussion about his PC and PS4 reviews, citing “woke” critics as one reason for its average reception.

past days Director John Garvin has responded to the discussion about the game’s reviews for PS4 and PC, apparently citing critics’ average reviews on the PS4 due to tech issues like bugs, reviewers who “didn’t bother to play the game” and ” woke up”. reviewers who couldn’t handle a gruff white biker looking at his date’s butt.”

John Garvin’s comments come in response to Twitter user GermanStrands expressing his love for past days on PS4, using a screenshot of its Metacritic score showing a Metascore of 71 from 109 reviews and a user score of 8.4 from 10K ratings. Someone else followed up by suggesting they don’t forget the PC score, posting another screenshot showing its 76 Metascore from 47 reviews and a user score of 8.8 from 1.2K ratings.


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Garvin responded to this 5 point difference on Metascore, coming from reviewers, stating that nothing he and another developer were responsible for (gameplay, quests, and story) changed between the two versions. He points to the code team that cleaned up the game between releases, blaming bugs and that team working on past days. When someone expressed surprise that the game didn’t receive universal acclaim, it was when Garvin blamed the tech team and reviewers.

The thing is, while 71 falls into the average territory on Metacritic and 76 falls into the good area, it’s a minor change of five points, while the PC version also had less than half the number of reviewers as the previous version. from PS4. There is some implication that a 71 is a bad score and a 76 is a good score when that is not, by definition, the case. It means average, and in context, past days It wasn’t received as well as other PlayStation exclusives, but that’s a high bar for any game.

It’s clear that fans love the game and it has a huge following, with many still hoping for a days gone by 2 one day (however unlikely), and that is reflected in user ratings. However, the distinction between critics’ reviews on PC and PS4 is so small that it’s hard to understand exactly what Garvin is referring to. Many have been quick to point out the tastelessness of Garvin’s response to fans showing her love for past days, including Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier. He not only points out the ironic implication that “games with rough, white guys” don’t get good reviews when games like Gears of war They exist, but it also points out how bad it looks to throw engineers under the bus.

John Garvin is currently the Creative Vice President of Liithos, which was formed earlier this year. Liithos is currently working on a web3 game called ashfall, where Garvin is credited as creator, writer and director.

past days is now available for PC and PS4.

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