Earn rewards through the Amazon Buyer Dashboard

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Knowing that, would you allow Amazon to track your online activity for a small fee? The company launched a new program designed to learn about your habits and provide more targeted ads.

Read on to find out how this program works and whether the delivery of your data is worth a nominal fee.

Here’s the backstory

Amazon has an invite-only program called Amazon Buyer Dashboard, where you can earn rewards for doing certain things. For example, you can earn a $10 reward by uploading 10 eligible receipts per month.

Presumably this is part of Amazon’s system for tracking customer purchases at other retailers. You can also earn rewards by answering short surveys about brands or products. Rewards are paid to your Amazon Balance, or you can choose to have them donated to a predetermined charity.

But another part of the program is a bit more intrusive. By introducing its ad verification system, Amazon wants to confirm the ads you see online. Essentially, you want to track your traffic so you can earn a not-so-impressive $2 a month.

“The Amazon Shopper Panel application will collect and use information about where and when you view Amazon ads, for example, the app or website where you viewed the ad and the time of day you viewed it,” Amazon explains.

He also said that the program helps make ads more relevant and will always handle your information by following Amazon’s Privacy Notice.

How to join the Amazon Buyer Panel

The Amazon Buyer Panel is an exclusive club of invited members. You cannot join the program without first receiving an invitation. But you can be proactive if you really want to participate.

You can download the free Amazon Shopper Panel app for iOS or Android and join the waiting list. You will then be notified by email when space becomes available.

Amazon explains that your device will receive unique DNS settings from Amazon and will connect to the Internet as usual through your IP address. Just follow the onscreen prompts after downloading and opening the app.

You’ll see tabs at the bottom of the screen for rewards, surveys, announcements, and receipts. Click on each tab when you first open the app to join the waiting list for each feature you want to participate in. For example, click Receipts to join the waiting list and enter receipts. Surveys should be available without having to wait.

Each time an Amazon ad is shown to you, your device automatically obtains an Amazon-owned IP address that allows you to confirm that you saw the ad. The information collected includes where and when you viewed the ad, the app or website where you viewed the ad, and the time of day you viewed the ad.

Even though almost everyone willingly provides data to social media and other websites, $2 a month barely seems worth it just for Amazon to track you.

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