Eastern Barri Woods (Vanaheim) Nornir Chest Guide

While searching for Skoll and Hati in Vanaheim during Chapter 13, god of war ragnarok players will be able to head off the main quest path to find a Nornir chest hidden in the Eastern Barri Woods. It’s easy to miss, though hopefully players will be able to return to the location at a later time should their eagerness to progress through the main story lead them to do so.

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Opening the chest requires god of war ragnarok Players must use Kratos’ Leviathan Ax to rotate three wooden devices so that they reveal the runes on the side of the chest. Unfortunately, they’ll need to find these wooden spinners first, which means burning down some vines and defeating a fairly powerful enemy that’s standing guard over the last one.

How to Unlock the Eastern Barri Woods Nornir Chest

Players will be able to find the Nornir Chest in the Eastern Barri Woods by following a path to the left shortly before reaching the wolves’ den. As with some of the other Nornir chests in god of war ragnarokplayers will need to interact with three wooden spinning wheels to break the seal, though luckily the three spinning wheels are pretty close to where they find the chest.


The first one is immediately to the left of the chest and will initially display a rune that looks a bit like a lowercase n. Spinning this once to the right using Kratos’ Leviathan Ax will change his active rune to one that looks more like an F and will, in turn, break the first part of the seal on the Nornir Chest in Eastern Barri Woods.


To find the second spinner, players need to back up a bit, then look to the right. There, in the bushes, you will see another wooden spinner being suffocated by some vines. They’re too far away to burn from Blades of Chaos alone, so players should have their partner shoot a stealth arrow or two at them before attempting to ignite them. It starts out showing a B rune, but turning it once to the right will change it to one that looks a bit like a P, breaking the second part of the chest seal.


For the final twist, players need to head back to the chest and follow the path to the left. After defeating the enemy ahead and following the path to the end, they should be able to see the third dead spinner ahead of them, as well as one of Odin’s Ravens to the right. The spinner starts out showing an R rune, so players will need to spin it to the left twice until it shows a rune that looks like a C.


With the seal now broken, players can return to the Eastern Barri Forest Nornir Chest to claim their reward. Assuming they haven’t already opened 30 chests and unlocked the Full Belly Trophy, they’ll find either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead inside. If they’ve already opened 30 chests, they’ll get something a little less desirable, like Hacksilver or Shattered Runes.

god of war ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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