Genshin Impact shouldn’t win the Player’s Voice award, but not because Sonic Frontiers is the best game

The game prizes 2022 features a Player’s Voice category that allows players to pick their own Game of the Year, but has caused quite a bit of controversy thanks to angry genshin impact Y sonic frontiers fans. The Game Awards Player’s Voice category featured three rounds of voting, with elden ring, genshin impact, god of war ragnarok, sonic frontiersY Lost all fighting for the prize in Round 3.

sonic frontiers had been way ahead of the competition in the Player’s Voice voting, but that suddenly changed when genshin impact he managed to recover and take the lead. Since this happened, there has been a lot of toxicity online between genshin impact Y sonic fans, with accusations thrown about the use of bots and cheats. There have also been accusations that genshin impact he has effectively bribed his fans into voting for him because in the past the developers rewarded the community with Primogems when the live service gacha game won prizes.


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The Game Awards stopped showing the live results of the Player’s Voice voting, perhaps in response to the toxicity. However, the last time the results were visible, genshin impact had a considerable advantage over sonic frontiersweather elden ring, god of war ragnarokY Lost he didn’t even have 15% of the combined vote. Regardless of which game one thinks deserves to win the Player’s Voice award, however, it’s hard to argue that genshin impact must be in dispute at all, and has nothing to do with its quality or the quality of sonic frontiers.

The simple fact is genshin impact it didn’t release in 2022, so it doesn’t make sense for it to be part of the Player’s Voice category at The Game Awards this year. The other games up for the award were all titles that released in 2022, while genshin impact released in 2020. This has been a point of contention with sonic fans who are frustrated that their game of choice is losing out to a title that didn’t even release in 2022.

Of course, it could be argued that neither genshin impact neither sonic frontiers He really deserves to win. sonic frontiers reviews were mixed, and while some have hailed it as one of the best 3D sonic games in years, it’s still weird to see him defeat players like elden ring Y god of war ragnarok in the Voice of the Player voting. elden ring Y god of war ragnarok are the two highest-rated and best-selling new game releases of 2022, while sonic frontiers the reviews were middle of the road at best.

However, it’s the Gamer’s Voice category, so critics’ opinions don’t matter as much. In any case, sonic Y genshin impact fans will have to tune in to The Game Awards on December 8 to see which game ultimately wins.

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