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To me, my board! As discussed in our story about the latest update to the excellent card game. marvel snap (Free), the latest season of the game is called The Power Cosmic. The new season is out now and we’ve got all the details on what it includes, with a cute Radd character at the helm. I apologize for any.

So yes, as you can probably guess, the big new character riding the wave of The Power Cosmic is none other than the Silver Surfer. The cost of him is 3 and the power of him is 0. Well, that’s not very powerful at all. It feels like Squirrel Girl could take this fool down. I mean, canonically, she they can. That is all. But in marvel snap, the Surfer has a handy bonus ability that will ensure it finds a home in many decks. When played, its On Reveal ability will give all other 3 Cost cards +3 Power. Oh yeah, now you’re imagining the possibilities.

The bad thing is that, like all the other characters in the new season, Surfer is currently only available in the Season Pass for The Power Cosmic. That will also give you some card backs, icons, titles, and variants of other characters like The Collector and The Infinaut. Lots of resources too, of course. That season pass is the usual $9.99 USD, so do what you want with it. A Brode has to eat, after all.

In addition to the freebies in the Season Pass, a few more cards will be added to the regular Collection Level Track and Token Shop assortments. Later this week, Black Panther will be added as a Series 5 card. We talked about him when we covered the Warriors of Wakanda season. Next week we’ll see the addition of Knull, a 6 cost, 0 power Series 5 card whose ongoing special ability grants it the combined power of all cards destroyed in the current game. A great addition to any destroyer deck for sure.

On December 20, the last two letters of the year will be added. Sentry is a 4 cost, 8 power Series 5 card whose On Reveal ability adds a -8 power Void card in the correct location. Because of this, Sentry cannot be played in the correct place. You will have to be creative with it. Finally, we have Darkhawk. Darkhawk?! It is a 4 cost, 1 power Series 5 card with the continuous ability to have +2 power for each card in your opponent’s deck. It could be a good counter to some popular strategies.

One thing you will see without money or luck is new locations. Lamentis-1 makes players draw three cards, then destroys both decks. Wow. Klyntar fuses all cards in the location into a symbiote after turn 4. True to his appearance in the Avengers movies, Vormir will destroy the first card you play on him. Finally, Morag won’t let you play your first card every turn. This… is going to be a difficult month. It should be fun.

That covers it. I still can’t stop playing this damn game so I’ll be making updates like this until I get bored. Wait those.

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