How to turn noise cancellation on or off on your Beats Studio 3

When you think of active noise cancellation (ANC), you probably think of brands like Sony or Bose. But Apple’s Beats Studio 3 offers some pretty decent competition. The headphones, by default, always have ANC on, which constantly adapts to the amount of sound around you. Here are two quick ways to manually turn noise cancellation on or off on your Beats Studio 3 headphones.

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Double tap the power button on the right ear cup to turn active noise cancellation on or off for Beats Studio 3.

How to turn noise cancellation on or off on your Beats Studio 3

Beats Studio 3 Wireless

Adam Birney / Android Authority

There are two ways to turn Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) on or off. The first is to double-click the power button on the right earcup. This is the only button on the right earcup, so it should be easy to find and double-tap.

The second is by using the actual Bluetooth settings app on iOS. If you’re using Android, you can toggle ANC within the Beats app, which you can download for free from the Google Play store.

ANC disables the Beats app

Adam Birney / Android Authority

When it comes to noise-canceling quality, our friends at SoundGuys concluded that the headphones were passable but not great. Fortunately, the cumulative effect is decent because the Beats Studio3 Wireless is pretty good at physically blocking noise from entering your ears. You can read the full review here.

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Unfortunately, transparency mode is not available with the Beats Studio 3 headphones.

No, Beats Studio 3 does not support spatial audio. However, Apple’s most expensive headphones, the AirPods Max, do.

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