How to turn off the always-on screen on an iPhone 14

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

For the uninitiated, the “always on display” feature has been around for over a decade, at least for Android devices. If you are awake, your phone will display specific information even when you are asleep. This typically includes notifications, the current date and time, and the weather; however, some always-on displays show more. Apple recently brought this feature to iOS with the iPhone 14 series. Let’s review how to turn off the always-on display on an iPhone 14.

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To turn off always-on display on an iPhone, go to Settings > Display & brightness > Always on. This slider allows you to enable or disable the always-on display for your iPhone.


How to turn the always-on display on or off on an iPhone 14

Apple iPhones, starting with the latest 14 series, can now access the always-on display feature from the Settings menu.

  1. On your iPhone, open Settings.
  2. Go to the screen and brightness tab.
  3. Play always on if the slider is green to disable the feature. If it’s grey, tap on it to enable the feature.

Is the always-on screen on the iPhone draining the battery?

Yes, keeping the screen always on on any device will drain your battery faster. For iPhone 14, the always-on display can drain the battery 4-8% faster.

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