iOS 16.1.2 optimizes fault detection and improves compatibility with wireless carriers

Last week, Apple released iOS 16.1.2 to improve compatibility with wireless carriers and provide bug-detection optimizations for the iPhone 14 line. Accident Detection on iPhone 14 and Apple Watch”, October 10, 2022). The update also contains security fixes that Apple promises to share soon, in case you’re looking for some light reading.

Should you update? I don’t see any reason to delay, especially if you plan to be in a car soon.

No other Apple operating systems were updated, though I wonder if the next update to watchOS 9 will include the bug detection optimizations.

But here’s the setup for my actual question, as I reflect on where TidBITS can add more value. iOS 16 should have notified all users about the update, so the existence of iOS 16.1.2 should not be news to anyone. Also, I don’t know anything more about the update than what Apple posts in the release notes, so I can’t provide anything other than what seems like blatantly obvious advice.

So, was this article useful enough to you to justify me writing it and you reading it? Or was it just a junk mileage logging exercise on the news treadmill? Let me know by taking the poll in the comments and explaining your answer if you’d like: bonus points for clever analogies.

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